5 Fabulous Celebrity Inspired Hair Styles- How to Achieve Their Look

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Nowadays, doesn’t it seem like everyone has been stung by the hair extension bug? It’s extremely evident that hair extensions have become more and more mainstream than ever over the past 13 to 15 years.

This huge sudden boost in the popularity and interest is mainly due to the large amount of exposure hair extensions are receiving from celebrities that can’t seem to get enough hair, and in some unfortunate situations, can’t seem to get their hair right.

I remember the days when women used to deny ever wearing hair extensions, or even ever knowing that hair extensions existed, LOL.

Those days are long gone. Times have definitely changed. Women are proud to inform other women of their hair extension installs, who their hair extensions suppliers are, the cost of their hair extensions, what hair extensions suppliers to avoid and what they do to maintain their hair extensions on a daily basis. YouTube will definitely allow you to view and witness testimonies from thousands of women like this, women that are extremely vocal about their hair extensions.

I personally believe what makes hair extensions so intriguing to so many women is their ability to change one’s appearance almost instantly. We are living in a time where we seek products and services that are able to deliver instant and immediate results. We want to feel instant satisfaction and quickly reap the benefits.

Hair extensions not only provide instant results and gratification; they also provide protection for your natural hair (when applied correctly), styling flexibility, length, and the ability to change your hair color or hair texture without the use of harsh damaging chemicals.

Below are five fabulous hairstyles worn by celebrities and created with the use of hair extensions. Lucky for you, I’m providing you with hair extensions and step by step instructions to get you started.

Some brief words of advice; if you’re are not a do it yourself type of person as far as installing the hair extensions, please allow a professional to install your hair extensions for you.

If you have a celebrity hairstyle that you would like me to help you achieve, please email me that look. I may use your requested look on my “How to Achieve Their Look” portion of my blog.
If you feel this article is worthy of sharing, and I personally believe that is, I kindly ask that you do share.

How to Apply the Hair Extensions:

 You will need approximately 2-3 bundles of hair depending on your personal preference for fullness. You will also need the following tools; a curved weaving needle, a weaving thread, a weaving net, a pair of scissors and a razor comb.

    1. Section off the portions of hair that you would like to use as your leave-out. Secure each section with a hair clip. Leave-out is the hair that will be exposed. This is generally a small amount of hair pulled from the sides, front and the back of the head.
    2. Cornrow hair going backwards towards the nape of the neck—don’t touch the portions of hair that have been secured with a hair clip.
    3. Once hair has been completely cornrowed—excluding the portions of hair that have been secured with a hair clip—apply a weaving net over the braids for protection. A weaving net can be purchased at your local beauty supply store.
    4. Preferably using a curved weaving needle with weaving thread, sew around the perimeter of the weaving net, attaching the edges of the net to the cornrows to the perimeter of the head.
    5. Start measuring the hair extensions against your head size; this is done by wrapping the wefts of the hair extensions around your head, then cutting the wefts once the required amount of hair extensions needed have been established. You should start measuring from the lower back of the head, just above the nape area, when measuring your first weft.
    6. Sew weft in place using a weaving sewing needle and thread.
    7. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you reach the top of the head, each weft should be sewn over the previous weft and an inch from the previous weft—a weft is often referred to as track.
    8. You may continue to apply wefts until your desired volume has been achieved.
      Once the hair wefts have been applied securely to the net/braids, use a razor comb to cut the hair framing the face—cut hair using an up and down cutting motion.

How to Apply the Closure Piece:

  1. Once the hair wefts have been applied securely, you may now attach the closure piece by placing the closure piece into the medium size opening at the top of the head.
  2. Using the weaving needle and thread, begin sewing the closure piece securely in place—be sure to keep closure piece firmly in place while sewing. Closure pieces have a tendency of moving during the sewing process.
  3. Comb a medium sized portion of the hair to the front of the head, covering the forehead—this will create a fringe. Apply a generous amount of wrapping foam to the fringe area—the wrapping foam will help manage the hair by changing the direction of the hair.
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